The Silver Retained Service is designed for Start-ups or for Companies with up to four employees.  It is priced to recognise that in the early days Cash flow is very tight, we know we were a start-up once too so have felt that pain.

It will ensure that you are legally compliant way from an employment law perspective, but most importantly it will ensure that all your documentation is customised to fit the culture and operations your company is wanting to achieve.  You will also get the reassurance that you have pragmatic advice on the end of a telephone or email about any concerns you have about your employees.  We pride ourselves on providing advice that tells you what you can do not what you can’t.  More importantly, as Dr Krishan Ramyead, Director of Thrive Chiropractic said: “Here at Thrive Chiropractic we appreciate that Expert HR Solutions does business with people and not just business.”