When your Company has more than about 20 employees you need to have management structures and begin to experience many of the complexities of a large Corporate.  Now our experience of working in global companies across all sectors and many industries for the last 40 or so years is really valuable.

Platinum is the ultimate service and is worth considering for any company employing enough people to have multiple managers, only the most complex and bespoke documents are not included in the retained fee, but you do get to choose what charged for services are included.  If you opt for the recommended HR IT system, then we will run and interpret the reports it can generate so that you get the most out of the system.

Our smallest Company only employs one person, but our largest employs about 4,500 all are guaranteed the same service standards with a guaranteed four working hours call back for any problems and as Peter Cheese then Chairman of the Institute of Leadership and Management, now CEO of the Chartered Institute of People Development said “I have always found him to be objective, thoughtful and measured in his thinking and his ideas, and he brings a huge amount of experience in the field to our Board.  He has a strong passion for learning and leadership development, understands the market and the current challenges and issues extremely well.  He is also a strong team player and thoroughly professional in all his dealings.”