Expert HR Solutions recognise the employees are often a significant cost element to any business, but they are also the most important asset to the business.  They are, after all, the people who make the product or provide the services that generates turnover.  We can help you make sure that each employee is contributing to both turnover and profit.

Job Evaluation is an essential discipline in any organisation.  It underpins the formulation of a transparent and robust pay system and sets the foundation for external market pay comparisons, benefit provision, staff development and performance review.

Designed to encompass jobs from Chief Executive to shop floor, this 10-factor, points based, analytical system is operated by all sizes of organisation.

Our Salary Benchmarking database contains approximately 250,000 jobs across most sectors.  The report generated allows the organisation to benchmark salary and benefits providing a report for each role by sector, grade of the role, region, County and in some instances Town.  The report will show salary in the following bands: Lower Decile, Lower Quartile, Median, Upper Quartile and Upper Decile that your Competitors are offering.