There are three different checks available, they can all be done over the telephone and take approximately 10 minutes to complete. 
The reports are:

  • HR Health Check;
  • Health and Safety Health Check;
  • Pay Benchmarking.

The HR Health Check provides you with a valuable report about your compliance with employment law but also an action plan to help you get your company in line with best employment practice.  It will also indicate the level of risk attached to your current practices which allows you to take an informed decision as to whether you wish to align your organisation with what is considered best practice.

The Health and Safety Check provides a written report that will tell you whether you are compliant with health and safety law, but also whether you are following best practice and if not the level of risk and an explanation of what is considered best practice and why. It does not provide individual risk assessment or method statements and should always be used in conjunction with qualified professional advice particularly if the nature of your business is inherently hazardous. Where non-compliance with either the law best practice is detected the report suggests a level of priority to rectify the issue.

Our Salary Benchmarking database contains approximately 250,000 jobs across most sectors.  The report generated allows the organisation to benchmark salary and benefits providing a report for each role by sector, grade of the role, region, County and in some instances Town.  The report will show salary in the following bands: Lower Decile, Lower Quartile, Median, Upper Quartile and Upper Decile that your Competitors are offering.

If you would like to benefit from any of these reports please call us on 01202 611033 to arrange a suitable diary appointment for the call to complete the report.