Handling a disciplinary and grievance issue is never pleasant, you can ask Expert HR Solutions for advice or we can attend on site to help as both note-taker and advisor making the process as easy as is possible.  In limited circumstances we are allowed to hear the case itself, but we can never make the decision for you.

Disciplinary issues fall into two main categories: misconduct for minor infringements or gross misconduct which can result in summary dismissal. Once you employ people a disciplinary and grievance policy is a legal requirement and we can write one that meets your business needs.

As part of our service to you we will always recommend you take out legal insurance cover that includes insurance against Tribunal Awards and can put you in touch with Brokers who we know and trust.


A thorough investigation into any misconduct or a grievance allegation must be undertaken.  The investigating officer can only be involved with any subsequent hearing if the Company is too small to have another manager hearing the appeal and the policy is written to reflect this.  Expert HR Solutions can also help by providing qualified credible and impartial people to chair the meetings.


Some employees who underperform because they do not have the necessary skills to do their job and some are absent so often they can’t get through their fair share of the workload.  Both scenarios are capability issues but the way they need to be handled are very different.  Expert HR Solutions can write a capability policy and provide guidance on how to manage an employee back to full performance or out of their business.  Particular care is needed in handling ill health dismissals to ensure you will not be faced with a disability discrimination claim.  We can advise on whether an Occupational Health report would be helpful and have contacts with professionals in this field.

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