Competencies fall into two distinct types:

  1. Technical or functional competencies
  2. Personal competencies

Technical competencies are those which relate to the skills and knowledge that are essential in order for a person to do a particular job appropriately.  For example, for a Secretary one might be ‘Word processing, able to word process at the rate of 80 words per minute with no mistakes.’

Personal competencies include characteristics that we use together with our technical competencies in order to do our work well.  For example, a Secretary working in a team environment may need to display Interpersonal sensitivity ‘Demonstrates respect for the opinion of others, even when not in agreement,’ in addition to be being able to word process as above.

Here at expert HR Solutions we are skilled and have won National Training Awards for our ability to design competence frameworks using both forms of competence.  In highly technical organisations and for inexperienced employees generally Technical Competencies are useful during probation to get new employees productive quickly.  Once they have the necessary Technical Competence our experience informs us Personal Competencies become more useful as any issues with the employee become more of a behavioural issue than one of technical competence.

If you think your workforce could benefit from an analysis of Technical or Personal or both Competencies give us a call on 01202 611033 and we will be happy to discuss your needs free of charge.

Project Support


Do you have a Director or Employee that you need to develop but do not have the time or skills to do it? Let us put together a coaching programme to achieve your objectives. We use the internationally recognised GROW model combined with self-awareness tools in confidential meetings with you or your employee. The GROW acronym stands for Goal, Reality, Options, Will. It is what you need to plan your journey. With the Goal being where are you going, the Reality is where are you coming from. It then charts the different routes and modes of transportation, the Options and finally, it helps you pick the option that suits you best while still considering the obstacles on the way so that you can chart the process and make sure that your motivation for the trip is maximised.
The other tools we use include:
• Myers Briggs Type Indicator;
• Transactional Analysis;
• Thomas Killman conflict instrument;
• Firo-B;
• Persuading and Influencing Questionnaire.
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Organisational Design and Change

We understand when organisations need to make quick changes when the business faces substantial internal or external challenges. If you need to review your Structure, numbers of employees or their roles then let us advise. We can review your current Structure, Operating Model and Role Profiles and offer independent advice to achieve your objectives.
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Psychometric Testing

We can offer Psychometric Testing both for Recruitment and Team and Management Development. We are accredited to use the following:
• OPQ2 including competency analysis;
• Ability tests including IT and Microsoft Office suite;
• Myers Briggs Step 1 and 2;
• Emotional Judgement Inventory.
We are also accredited to devise and assess group exercises and can put together bespoke assessment and development centres which are particularly useful when hiring Senior Managers or Directors.
E-mail us or call us today on 01202 611033 to ask any question about our Psychometric Testing services.