Are you monitoring both the amount and the cost of sickness absence in your business?  Expert HR Solutions are so keen to see the average 4.75 sick days per employee per year reduce with the attendant cost of over £500 per employee we provide a sickness absence rate calculator for free, just download from the Contact Us page

A major concern for all employers is how to handle long and short term absence. Short term absence, particularly absence that follows a set pattern is extremely disruptive for the business and unfair on the other staff. By introducing return to work interviews and measuring tools, as well as training managers on how to use them, a significant improvement can be made.

Long term absence may well be caused by an underlying issue caused by a disability or mental illness and therefore the individual is protected from any discrimination. Working with occupational health professionals, we can find reasonable adjustment for the workplace, plan phased returns or if this is not possible within a reasonable timeframe, terminate the employment allowing the business to recruit again.

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