Contracts & Handbooks


When a company takes on employees, it is legally required to provide them with a written statement of the terms and conditions of their employment or contract of employment within 8 weeks. You will also need a Discipline and Grievance Policy and if you employ five or more staff a Health and Safety Policy. More importantly though, this is the opportunity to set out how you want that individual to work within your company and what they will receive from you in return.

At Expert HR Solutions we spend time with you to determine what clauses are needed in your contracts of employment ensuring that they not only meet the legal requirements but meet the business needs as well.


As a business grows it becomes more important to have a staff handbook that sets out “how things are done around here”. Our handbooks are written in plain English, are tailored to the business, reflect the culture and are branded for each business. The handbook helps new staff learn the correct way to do things and reminds existing employees of the rules.

If you subscribe to any of our advice line services, your contracts and handbooks will be regularly updated to reflect any changes in HR and employee legislation.

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