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At Expert HR Solutions we are proud to say all our staff and associates are qualified and experienced HR professionals so you know the advice you are getting is amongst the best available to you says Managing Director Chris Wilkinson.  Sadly, he goes on, even with our knowledge and experience we can’t remove the right of every employee to take their employer to a Tribunal.

We have been suggesting an insurance policy that provided legal expense cover but only if the insurer decided there was a better than evens chance of winning the case.  We are delighted because Liam Wyatt from Lansdowne Woodward Insurance Brokers Ltd has managed to find us a policy that guarantees up to £100,000 cover for Employment Practices Liability.  Chris thinks that taking out such cover is a bit of a no brainer, after the withdrawal of Tribunal fees the number of cases has risen back to the same sort of numbers as before they were introduced, that is around 225,000 cases per year.  According to government statistics there are 2,668,810 businesses that are registered for PAYE purposes which means if each case was against a different employer then 1 in 11 employers are taken to Tribunal annually. In most cases costs are not awarded to Employers even if they win the case and if you lose then costs will be awarded against you.  For a five-day hearing this could easily amount to around £30,000 and the average Tribunal award for discrimination cases was just over £21,000.  Based on those figures you would have to pay the likely premium for nearly 200 years to be in negative financial territory.

If you want to know more about how Expert HR Solutions can help then give us a call on 01202 611033, we promise we do not go in for pressure sales and you first consultation is FREE so what have you got to lose.

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