When choosing your HR provider, it’s important that you choose one you can trust. We have always endeavoured to deliver the best service possible but don’t just take our word word it – see what our customers have to say about us…

Simon Dilawershah - LMA Architects


I was extremely impressed with how Expert HR Solutions dealt with my request for help in regard to setting up contracts of employment for new members of staff within my practice.

I recently employed a new member of staff and gave Expert HR Solutions a call. I spoke to Chris, who was extremely helpful, highly professional and knowledgeable regarding HR related issues. However, it doesn’t stop there. His expert knowledge of employment law and associated legal matters within the workplace is also excellent.

I was very impressed with the level of service and professionalism that I received. Should I require any further HR related services  within my practice I will not hesitate to give Expert HR Solutions a call.

Great job.

Bernie Frigot - Running Bear Garden Care

As a small business owner I was completely in the dark when it came to employment law and employing staff in the correct legal manner, so when the time came to set up a new employee I turned to Expert HR Solutions for advice.

I was completely impressed how easy it was for you to deal with the legalities and provide employment contracts at a very reasonable price. The whole process from start to finish was a breeze, leaving me with nothing to worry about and time to do what I do best. I want to thank you for your time and effort on our employment issues and I will definitely will be approaching you again as we grow and take on new staff.

I highly recommend your services to anyone who has to deal with employees and the legalities that go with employing staff. Expert HR Solutions are the one stop shop for all HR issues and can be trusted to keep an employer out of trouble even when things go wrong. Once again I thank you and your team for the great service we received.

Sam Caplan - Pxl Dorset

As an independent mortgage and insurance broker, I am in the fortunate position that clients often disclose information around the day to day running of their business to me.

The week before Christmas one of my clients contacted me about an issue they were having with a member of staff. This was that they believed that this member of staff had been stealing from them. Potentially for up to 8 years.

The organisation that I referred you to are a father and son set up and unsurprisingly they did not have the same opinion on the way to handle this.

Chris, you made a great impression and have advised them accordingly. I believe this matter is still ongoing but I wanted to thank you for your professionalism. You have certainly enhanced my reputation with this client.

I have an will continue to recommend you and your services at every possible opportunity.

Thanks again.

Michael Deane - Daisy Office Supplies

Daisy Office Supplies takes an active part in the local community and for my sins I am Chairman of the Ferndown Royal British Legion Club. As an officer of the club I am responsible for it’s smooth day to day running.

A decision was taken to make a long standing member of staff redundant for commercial and cost saving reasons.

I approached Expert HR Solutions and from our first initial meeting you provided us with the advice and documentation that enabled us to comply with all legal requirements.

To say the process was straight forward was an understatement as the outgoing member of staff made the process as difficult as possible.

Throughout it all you provided a compassionate, understanding and totally professional approach to the situation and went above and beyond to ensure we your client experienced as little disruption to our business as possible.

On behalf of my committee I would like to thank you for your hard work and we are extremely happy that Expert HR Solutions is the HR Consultant to our club ongoing.

I would totally endorse and recommend your services.

Luke Crutcher - Living Home Tech

I am writing this letter as a personal testimonial to Chris Wilkinson at Expert HR Solutions.

After instructing Chris to carry out our employment contracts, he set a date to discuss in more detail our specific requirements. Once this process was complete and we changed minor details, the final draft was issued. Now all our employees are up to date and we’re covered as a business. Overall Chris kept to his fixed budget and delivered in the timeframe promised.

Thanks again from everyone at Living Home Tech.

Olive Pellington - OVP Coaching

I confirm that I have used the services of Expert HR Solutions in April 2016. Chris Wilkinson is thorough, discrete and incredibly fast when responding to queries.

I contacted Chris on behalf of a family member. They were in need of advice following a payment dispute. Chris was very empathic and understanding of the situation. After a brief discussion he asked me to provide the necessary information required to assess the situation.

Once the information was handed to Chris, he very quickly and very thoroughly went through the information, assessed the situation and reviewed the relevant policies.
Within a few hours Chris had a comprehensive answer to the situation. He was able to translate contract jargon into meaningful English and provided several options as to how my family member could resolve the situation.

This made me feel very confident about Chris’ HR knowledge and expertise. As a result my family member is now able to resolve the situation with a positive outcome.

I have no hesitation in recommending Chris to businesses and individuals who are having HR difficulties.

Catherine Ferguson - Dimensions Sales and Lettings

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris Wilkinson of Expert HR Solutions for his help and support in guiding my Bournemouth based company Dimensions Sales and Lettings through the tricky business of putting together the required employee contracts for two new part-time staff.

During the process Chris was patient and supplied very useful advice and support which will hopefully keep Dimensions on the right side of employment law in the future.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris Wilkinson of Expert HR Solutions to any other company requiring help with any employment issues including health and safety, redundancy or any other advice.


Rad Dougall - Lumiserv

Chris has worked really hard with us to sort out employment contracts, handbooks and a whole load of other legalities around employing staff as a small business.

It was brilliant to work through the documents with a specific view of our business in mind and be able to tailor the documents to our needs for a very reasonable cost.

For me all these services and having a personal contact is well worth the small retainer fee.

Andrew Larkin - WebPurity Limited

At WebPurity we provide websites for life and as part of this service we employ three members of staff including myself as a director. I asked Chris to review our current contracts of employment as well as address our lack of grievance and disciplinary procedures.

After an initial review Chris took the time to meet with me twice to ensure I fully understood the five newly drafted documents and the impact they had on my business and employees. This gave me the confidence to meet with staff and explain to them the changes in the contracts and how they benefited both parties as well as providing some structure in how to deal with any issues that might arise in the future.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris to anyone who employs staff and is seeking peace of mind in ensuring they are legally compliant at a very competitive rate.

John Minton - Chemdry Kalliste

I recently decided to take on my first employee after many years of running my business on my own. When I looked into employment I found it to be a harrowing experience, so I contacted Chris Wilkinson of Expert HR Solutions, who I found to be exceptionally professional in every way.

Chris was very helpful and put me completely at ease by guiding me through all the steps needed and was very clear in explaining everything to me, especially everything connected to the legal requirements of employment.

He outlined all that was required to employ a Technician, he approached Bournemouth College on my behalf to enquire about the possibility of an apprenticeship in our industry.

As it happened I did not need to go along this avenue as I have been able to take on an employee who has had previous employment with ChemDry.

Chris was very helpful in drawing up a contract of employment. He also drew up a list of questions and answers to be used in the interview, he also discussed with me what I should be looking for in taking on an employee.

I would recommend Chris Wilkinson to anyone who needs any assistance in employing someone or needing advice of any kind in the employment field.

Lee Dredge - IT Managing Director

Chris is on point every time with sound advice on all aspects of HR for our business. We also used Chris’s services in order to conduct CRB checks on our behalf. Chris delivered within a few days which far outweighed our expectations. We would not hesitate to recommend his services.

Nick Hixon - Hixons Business Advisors

HR issues are the bane of our lives! Too many things to contend with, changes all the time, can cost an arm and a leg simply by not following procedures. Putting it even more simply, it’s not our job, and anything which distracts us from our job, especially in these difficult times, should be avoided. So I have been advocating to clients that they outsource as many non-core activities as possible – not just HR.

Outsourcing gives a fixed cost solution, provided by an expert, and hopefully a sounding board on difficult issues. I’ve been looking for a good HR solution for some time, and I’ve come across Chris Wilkinson. It’s a local service, he likes to drop in and chat matters over, a fixed monthly cost which is affordable, and crucially, it includes an insurance element which will pay the ever increasing tribunal claims and associated fees to defend them.

The first of my clients he took on tested him with a performance issue (which led to a dismissal) and 2 grievances within 3 months. All successfully overcome with prompt, effective and above all helpful action, and good humour, and he is still talking to me.

The retainer fee is well worth it for the insurance element alone, and you are getting a very well qualified professional who will get on with the matter in hand, so you can get on with what you are good at.

Stephen Sellers - Grant Sellers Accountants

The value of using you and your company as my HR advisers has been apparent from the day I signed up to your services over two years ago. However the purpose of this testimonial is to thank you for assisting my company in dealing with a redundancy which had to be handled carefully and sensitively.

As an employer I had been misadvised by my previous HR firm on what options I had to deal with a long term sickness situation. By not dealing with it in a timely manner it caused the situation to get complex. The person continued to take time off and on the infrequent times she did turn up for work her productivity got less and less due to the progressive nature of her disease.

As a small employer the situation became very difficult as we were faced with having to pay sick leave for long periods, on which holiday entitlement continued to run. We were prepared to offer support and were patient but when the person suggested we install lifts in the leased building we got Chris in to consider our options of getting rid of the staff member but not falling foul of the anti-discrimination legislation which if proved in an industrial tribunal would expose the company to an uncapped award.

Chris gave us the options and the risks involved in taking each one. Once I had decided on the course of action Chris help us with the letters that need to be written, the meetings that had to be held and all the time offering help and advice in a stressful situation.

We have now got through the three month period since making the person redundant when the 23rd of this month came and went, which means the person is out of time to take us to tribunal and extract more money from my business.

So when it comes to HR advice there is only one person I look to and that is Chris Wilkinson. Chris may I thank you very much indeed for your professional manner and practical approach on this issue.

Krishan Ramyead - Thrive Chiropractic

Here at Thrive Chiropractic we appreciate that Chris of Expert HR Solutions does business with people and not just businesses.

Keith Ward - City and Guilds of London Institute

I worked with Chris for around six years where we both served on the Trustee Board for ILM. Chris is committed to lifelong learning and the on-going development of leadership, and was a pleasure to work with. Highly capable and very professional in all he undertakes, and a very effective team player. He also has the capacity to bring together disparate ideas within a team into a coherent collective way forward, a skill which was particularly useful in his role as Deputy Chairman.

Peter Cheese - Institute of Leadership and Management

I have worked with Chris over the last year in his capacity as Deputy Chair of ILM. I have always found him to be objective, thoughtful and measured in his thinking and his ideas, and he brings a huge amount of experience in the field to our Board. He has a strong passion for learning and leadership development, understands the market and the current challenges and issues extremely well. He is also a strong team player and thoroughly professional in all his dealings.

Hilary Hall - Institute of Leadership and Management

Chris has been a member of ILM’s Board of Directors for many years and has been very supportive throughout that time. He takes a real interest in the business and our people, using his skills, knowledge and connections to help us move things forward. Great to work with!

Sue Hennesy - Royal National Lifeboat Institution

I have no hesitation in providing a recommendation for Chris Wilkinson. He and I worked closely for a number of years and during that time I witnessed his use of significant professional knowledge and skills in the field of competency based training. It was a ground breaking scheme which brought a tangible enhancement of training to the RNLI, from which the organisation benefits even now – many years later.

He headed a team of multi-disciplinary professionals tasked to design and deliver an innovative CBT scheme to volunteer lifeboat crew. His attention to detail in combination with his strong work ethic ensured that the team delivered.